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Police? Not an emergency? Dial 101!

New Non Emergency Telephone Number for Suffolk Constabulary


the non-emergency police number

Suffolk Constabulary have  a new Non-Emergency number which you can ring at any time of day and night. When you need to contact the police, but a 999 call is not appropriate, dial 101.

101 can be used by both mobiles and land-lines.

Dialling 101 will get you through to your nearest police station. The number will shortly be usable throughout the whole of the UK.  This means that if you dial 101 in Woodbridge,  you get through to the Martlesham station, but if you were in  Devon and needed non-emergency contact with the police, the same number 101 would get you through to their nearest police station.

Each call will cost 15 pence regardless of time of day or length of call