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Woodbridge: LibDems tell you what we’ve done

Woodbridge Lib Dems – we get things done AND we tell you that we’ve done them! Not just at election time but all the year round…

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February/March Focus 2017
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Woodbridge  Focus Jan 2017

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I’m standing for re-election in May 2013

This is just to confirm that I will be standing for re-election as your Woodbridge County Councillor in the local government elections of 2 May.

I have just circulated this leaflet throughout Woodbridge (click on the pictures for a fullsize version).

However, when you are making the important decision about who to vote for, it’s not just a question of listening to what people say – you also need to look at what they have actually done.

You can find much more information as to what I have been doing  – in and for Woodbridge, and for Suffolk as a whole –  if you search, or follow the links on this blog.

Focus March 2013 pp1&4

Focus March 2013 pages 1&4

Focus March 2013 pages 2&3

Focus March 2013 pages 2&3


Woodbridge County Councillor’s Surgery tomorrow!

Just a reminder that my Surgery is tomorrow in Woodbridge Library, 10am to noon, as ever.

I’ve had a lot of emails and phone-calls about many of the issues raised in our latest Focus (click here). Clearly feelings run high – and particularly on such matters as people speeding through the town, the closure of the Tourist Information Centre and our hooting/non hooting trains. If you still have to give me your views, or indeed want to follow them up face to face, this is a very good opportunity.