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SCDC leadership- Vote NOW: will it be a Boris or a Jeremy?

Just to remind you all that  if you want to have your say on Suffolk Coastal District Council’s future leadership, you need to act fast. SCDC  is choosing whether the district council is run in future by a Leader, appointed from amongst the district councillors, or by a  Mayor, elected by US and wants to hear from you by 3 December 2010 – eg next Friday.

At present the Council operates a ‘Leader and Cabinet’ system where 9 district councillors take collective responsibility for the Council’s main decision-making. A leader is appointed annually from within the councillors , whose political composition is currently: Tory 45, LibDem 9, and Labour 1.

The plus side of this system is representation of councillors’ views (though with a significant tilt to the majority party). Whether there is a minus side depends on how representative of or responsive to your views you think your leader and cabinet are. There is also the possibility of Buggins Turn.

The alternative would be a mayor elected by us, the electorate.

The Mayor – not being appointed from within – might turn out to  be very independent of the views of the councillors. This may be for good or for bad.

More details can be found on http://www.suffolkcoastal.gov.uk/yourcouncil/democracy/consultation/

SCDC want to know whether you prefer:

  • Option 1 – A Leader and Cabinet.
  • Option 2 – A directly-elected Mayor and Cabinet.
  • No preference.
  • Don’t know

You can complete an online questionnaire

Or write to:

Head of Legal and Democratic Services
Suffolk Coastal District Council,
Melton Hill,
Suffolk IP12 1AU.

The council tells us you can have your say on the proposed changes until 3 December 2010.