Suffolk County Council Lib Dem Green and Independent group

 As one of the Liberal Democrat councillors elected to Suffolk County council this month, I’m  happy to announce that we will be joining forces with the Suffolk County Council Green and Ind ependent councillors for the 2017-2021 electoral term to form the  SCC  LibDem, Green and Independent Group.

This will allow all LibDem, Green and Independent councillors better representation on county council committees than could otherwise have been possible – which wilĺ make us much more able to hold the administration to account and to bring our constituents’ concerns to the fore.

The group  will also be eligible to have the support of a group researcher.

We will however continue to retain our individual party identities within the group.

2 thoughts on “Suffolk County Council Lib Dem Green and Independent group”

  1. Deluded , I voted for Caroline Page in Woodbridge , again. But your manifesto is so full of nonsense . Your leader is so off of the main thinking in England . This should have been an opportunity to stick it to Labour . I guess you will you have less Members in Parliament after the vote.
    Shame on you .

  2. Thank you for voting for me – though I’m surprised you maintain it’s because you were deluded. It might so easily have been because of my lengthy record of action for the community and the fact that i remain the only County Councillor in the east of Suffolk who is both brave and public spirited enough to hold a monthly open-access surgery #justsaying.
    As regards your comments on the LibDem Manifesto. I heard today that it has been factchecked by Fullfact – who confirm it stands up to scrutiny – unlike either the Labour or the Conservative manifestos.The sums add up. Worth bearing in mind.

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