St Edmund’s example: “Ne ahefe þu ðe, ac beo betwux mannum swa swa an man of him”

In Suffolk, some think that our St Edmund should be England’s patron saint. Let’s remember what Ælfric said of Edmund, that he held to the maxim Gif þu eart to heafodmen geset, ne ahefe þu ðe, ac beo betwux mannum swa swa an man of him (‘If you are placed in a position of authority, don’t become puffed up, but continue to behave like one of the people’ – Sirach 32:1).Seems to me there are a lot of people – in Suffolk and out – who could benefit from this counsel!

What qualities do you want in your County Councillor?

thumbnail of 1704 Suffolk Woodbridge v3 So, what qualities are you looking for when you elect a County Councillor?

A local candidate? One with years of experience?  Someone with a track record of hard work, and practical activism? Someone who is prepared to fight your corner?

I am standing for election for a fourth term in the town I have made my home for the last 25 years. I’m the only county councillor in East Suffolk – maybe in Suffolk – to have run a monthly open access surgery for Suffolk residents since 2011. I’ve successfully fought for improvements for – and against cuts to –  local services. I have upheld the voice of individual residents at all times and forcefully called the administration’s decision-making to account.

If you re-elect me, I will continue to do this on your behalf

Business as usual: last surgery before the election

Ok, Woodbridge residents – my work as  your county councillor doesn’t stop just for an election.  Tomorrow, Sat 15th, is my surgery, as ever – my last monthly surgery before the May 4 election. I think it will be my 70th!

And it’s *still* the only such surgery in E Suffolk (maybe the entire county)! I guess that’s why I get so many people attending from outside Woodbridge.

Maybe they need to elect councillors who are also prepared to run a monthly surgery? #justsaying

Postscript:                   This surgery was as busy as ever. If you’re not planning on voting for me on May 4th – do check whether your chosen candidate is prepared to give up their free time to provide such a service. Woodbridge clearly requires it!

Woodbridge: LibDems tell you what we’ve done

Woodbridge Lib Dems – we get things done AND we tell you that we’ve done them! Not just at election time but all the year round…

thumbnail of 1703 Suffolk Woodbridge v2
February/March Focus 2017
thumbnail of 1701 Woodbridge v3
Woodbridge  Focus Jan 2017

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I’m standing for re-election in Woodbridge on May 4th

I’m standing for re-election as Woodbridge County Councillor in the forthcoming  Suffolk County Council elections

This is just to confirm that I am standing for re-election as your Woodbridge County Councillor in the forthcoming  Suffolk County Council elections.

Voting takes place on May 4th.

This searchable blog gives a fair picture of my many activities on your behalf over the last  9  years.  I will be uploading more Woodbridge-specific information over the month.  I hope it will encourage you to trust me with the future of our beautiful and special town for a fourth term.

What is the larger political picture within Suffolk? Well, the Conservatives have run the County Council since 2005, and have consistently reduced services, instead of looking after the real needs of the local people they were elected to represent. They’ve prided themselves on providing a 7 year council tax freeze, but you get what you pay for – and the horrible state of our roads and pavements, of adult social care, the fragility of our libraries, the loss of bus services (and – in parts of Suffolk – even of  the capacity to use your disabled or older person’s bus pass)   are all mute testimony to their short-sighted policies.The administration is now sitting on a knife edge, as it reaps the predictable results of seven years of underfunding – all in the name of ideology.

Suffolk Lib Dems  believe there is a better way . We need urgent action in some important areas:

SUFFOLK Liberal Democrats’  SIX top priorities for local people

  1. Provide a £5m boost to adult social care
  2. Invest in Suffolk’s infrastructure to support planning of new housing – investment in roads, schools and doctors’ surgeries
  3. Fund a county-wide mental health programme in schools
  4.  Fix our roads and pavements
  5. Invest in local bus services and make park & ride buses more frequent
  6. Protect our libraries

You can find full details of our manifesto  here