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We’re lucky to have truly excellent GP services in Woodbridge, but did you know that- despite carrying out 90% of all NHS patient contacts  general practice only receives 8.39% of the NHS budget?

This fall is recent.  In the  years between  2005 and 2012, the percentage share of the NHS budget spent on general practice across England, Scotland and Wales fell from 10.75 to 8.4% – a historic low. By 2017, this is projected to plunge to just 7.29%. The services we rely on are in crisis

This is bad news for patients, who face the possibility of longer waits for appointments, fewer services and more difficulty in getting to see the GP of their choice. It is also bad news for the NHS as a whole – if general practice is not adequately resourced, more patients will end up receiving more expensive hospital care, leading to rapidly escalating healthcare costs.

It is clear that good access to high quality general practice is key to the future of the NHS. General practice leads to better and more cost-effective patient care, keeping people healthy for longer, enabling more people to successfully manage their conditions in the community, and avoiding unnecessary hospital admissions. I woud suggest that it is particularly important for those of us who live  in a semi-rural area like Woodbridge and its outlying regions,  with limited transport options and a significant older population. We rely heavily on our GP practices to know us and respond to our needs.

Put patients first: Back general practice‘ has been launched by the RCGP (Royal College of General Practitioners) and NAPP (National Association for Patient Participation) to put an end to this crisis and safeguard patient care. You can find more information and sign the petition to support an adequate level of GP funding  by following this link

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