Loss of more rural Suffolk bus services: 164, 165

More terrible news for the bus users of Suffolk. And especially those who cannot, cannot afford to, or are prevented by health and/or age considerations from driving a car.  I have just had confirmation that the very popular Anglian bus 164 and 165 routes are to finish on June 28.

The status posting  on their Facebook page says:

A decision has been made to cease the operation of services164 and 165 with effect from Friday 28th June 2013.
Both services have been operating at a significant loss, since Suffolk County Council withdrew the subsidy from the 165 in August 2012 and the losses are unsustainable.

‘ The 164 and 165 services are greatly loved and regularly used by many different Woodbridge people (including myself!). The loss of these services will have a dreadful impact on bus users all the way down Suffolk Coastal from Leiston to Woodbridge!

It will have an impact on travel to education, employment and training – and thus upon NEETS.

It will show up the Suffolk Conservative election pledge of a revived Youth Travel card as an exercise in lipservice. (What use is a youth travel card if there is no bus to travel on? )

It will continue the negative effect on tourism caused by our crackbrained system which sees would-be visitors to Suffolkk stymied by a double whammy of a rail company (Greater Anglia)  that only  performs engineering works at weekends and public holidays and a rural bus service that has stopped all services at these times. The Curious County? I rather think so!

I have been in contact with colleagues , constituents and Anglian Buses about this sad situation. Please continue contacting me about this. We must remember that the issue of rural transport is not a problem for  ‘other people’ – it affects us all

4 thoughts on “Loss of more rural Suffolk bus services: 164, 165”

  1. I’ve had a look at your website, particularly concerning buses. You seem to understand it very well. I am a member of the Going Green Transport Project and the East Suffolk Travellers Association. I have been involved in various meetings with Anglian Bus. Andrew Pursey will be leaving soon and there are new managers from Go Ahead in place. I started working on buses in 1966, firstly in Brighton, then Eastbourne and finally London Transport, so I have a little knowledge of the subject. Obviously I am now retired (and living in Bungay). Perhaps our paths will cross sometime in the future.

  2. I am really sorry to hear about the bus service closing. I really struggle to travel in a green way from Woodbridge with my family as there are no buses on a Sunday. My son and I have been trying to do the sandlings walk, 10 miles at a time, but it is hopeless as the public transport system is appalling. We are left with the option of getting a lift to the start and end each time, which seems to defeat the object of doing it.

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