The SCC Chief Executive, Andrea Hill  and Council Leader Jeremy Pembroke are pushing through a scheme supposedly to save money by – in effect – privatising Suffolk County Council. Without consulting the people of Suffolk they are planning on ‘outsourcing’ as many staff and departments as possible.
Top of the list are our libraries!!!

You think this is a bad idea? Sign the petition here or online:

Putting the principle to one side, this hasn’t even been planned or costed – and the timescale is ludicrous. For example, although libraries are due to be “divested” next April, SCC have absolutely no idea of what they plan to do with them.

SCC claim they’re “consulting with communities” – well not in Woodbridge they’re not. Our library has not heard a word about its future. Will libraries remain part of a County network even? The council is strangely silent.

Consultation? They have not consulted us – not you, not me, not anyone. And the plan was certainly not in ANY manifesto. But though they haven’t asked you, you can still give them your opinion. Please, sign this petition and tell your friends!

PS Perhaps the worst thing about this is that the council has just spent a lot of money moving the library from its old, horrid sixties concrete site to the renovated victorian school building that was once New Street school. WHY should Suffolk residents pay good money for a building that is immediately hived off to some external income-generating organisation?


  1. Hello. Whilst I fully agree that what is proposed will inevitably alter our lives because of lost facilities, I do think that services like the SUFFOLK HERITAGE DIRECT website, an integral part of the County’s library service, can go without pain. The facility serves a tiny Suffolk audience, whilst the HMS Ganges Heritage Direct Site [for example] serves Ganges personnel who live in areas other than Suffolk which I gather total in excess of 4000 people. I wonder whether the groups best served by this site are willing to put their hands in their pockets to maintain the Library services which my wife and I love and would hate to lose. Regards. Godfrey Dykes Bury St Edmunds

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