High pay in the public sector!

The Cabinet Office has just published a list of the highest-paid Whitehall Civil Servants – those who earn more than £150,00 per annum.


There are  a hundred and seventy Whitehall Civil Service chiefs who earn more than the prime minister.

There are only two or three who earn more than our Suffolk County Council Chief Executive Andrea Hill.

How can this be?

The average pay for workers in Suffolk is LESS than the national average – and much less than the pay of those in London.

2 thoughts on “High pay in the public sector!”

  1. Indeed. And its interesting to think how you can GET this work at this price. But as the Conservative Council Leader Jeremy Prembroke told the BBC: “In order to command the best you have to pay the best.”

    Mmm. i thought that particular shoddy argument was well and truly exploded with the Fred the Shred debacle!

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