Bikes, maps, grit bins… Locality budget spends

Recent applications for my locality budget funding have included:

Assistance to publish walking maps of Woodbridge

Bicycles for Town Pastors

Grit bins  to help residents de-ice their roads in the next cold spell

A Town Crier (- yes really!)

Keep these requests coming – I still have funds left for the year and I like to spread them across the needs of as many different types of operation as possible!

2 thoughts on “Bikes, maps, grit bins… Locality budget spends”

  1. Caroline, can you tell me if you practice what you preach? I see you on your bike pretty often . How do you get about generally? Do you drive?

  2. Hi Suffolk Bus User- you’re right I AM about on my bike a fair bit. My mileometer says i have cycled 650 miles on council business since 5 February. I’ve also put in quite a few miles by bus and train too, come to that.

    In fact i try never to travel by car if humanly possible – though I’m not above accepting lifts on occasion

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